A custom outdoor living environment will expand your living space and make your yard more desirable and inviting. Our California Summer Kitchens are designed to maximize your outdoor living experience. California Summer Kitchens can be installed on top of existing patios or we can come in and pour footings and floors.

Our California Summer Kitchens are custom designed to satisfy the unique demands of your project. First we listen to you in order to understand your needs, then we work with you on the design of your kitchen to ensure that the finished product will exceed your expectations.

Each of our California Summer Kitchens are fully engineered from the ground up and Built To Last. Every kitchen is handmade and custom built to fit perfectly in the area of your yard it was designed for. Our concrete counter tops are one-of-a-kind, poured in place, hand finished “works of art”. Our appliances are mounted tight within the masonry for a perfect fit. Each of our kitchens are available with a wide variety of options.

The following is included in all of our California Summer Kitchens:

  • Poured in place concrete counter tops, acid stained and sealed
  • 12”x12” engineered footing and structure with poured floor inside
  • Epoxied rebar into existing slabs
  • Rebar enforced walls to ensure longevity
  • Block grouted solid with concrete
  • All equipment and utilities included
    - Electrical install
    - Gas line install for kitchen and fireplace
    - Equipment purchase and install