At GPT Construction we build all of our custom full masonry products from scratch. We understand what our customers want; top quality materials coupled with proven methods to deliver outstanding results. Our goal is to provide you with custom masonry products that you will enjoy and will last a lifetime. We take great pride in our craft and have earned a reputation for exceptional service. Our masonry projects are built to last and will stand the test of weather and time.

All of our new custom masonry products feature block and concrete construction with solid rebar fortified engineering. When a kitchen is being constructed on an existing slab we dowel and epoxy rebar into the slab before we begin construction of shell. All fireplaces get an engineered footing as well as an engineered structure. With fireplaces the existing slab is saw cut and removed to make way for special fireplace footing.

Please browse through the images below for a glimpse of the extensive process we employ on all or our custom masonry projects.

First we dig a footing and wet set the first course so we have a monolithic structure.

Here you see a fire place with the gas line ran and stubbed out for log lighter/gas logs and the firebox beginning.

The shell of kitchen and the fireplace are completed and grouted solid. We are now ready to start forming counter tops.

Counter tops are formed. You can clearly see the steel cage tied within the counter top to ensure our motto "Built To Last!".

The counter top is being poured.

The counter tops are finished and now we start the stone and stucco veneer.

Stone and stucco veneer complete.

28 days after counter tops are poured we can acid stain and seal them. Next we install the appliances and you are ready to entertain.